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Welcome to KnowledgeQ

We believe learning occurs in a variety of ways.

Rarely, these are planned - more often through a sudden flash of insight. It could be through our Aha moments. At that time we have that sense of conviction we have really learnt. Those moments like when we find we can balance ourselves on a cycle, we can swim a few metres, float for a little while, solve a problem, understand just why we feel cool when air rushes by ….

At KnowledgeQ, we look to create the environments that produce these moments of truth for our learners. This is the basis for our motivation to dig deep, feeling the excitement as we understand more deeply the different ways that people learn. Every success feeding further success….

Creating these environments involves deep insight into the way people learn; the ability to visualise learning environments, model and animate them, deliver to learners on a variety of devices, track learning taking place and provide diagnostic and remedial help. This is a tall order, but we feel we are uniquely placed to deliver these learning environments.

At the heart of our company are our people who have built award winning e-Learning products. We have the infrastructure to back our talent. These include our R&D Centre and MediaLab - vehicles which drives our production effort. Our Instructional Design capabilities, Media skills and Software Engineering expertise are based on the inputs from our labs and provide cutting edge products with measurable business results.

Our service offerings for the K-12 market and corporates include HTML5 Services for web and mobile platforms, Native App Development, API and Portal Development, LMS/ CMS/ LCMS integration, Performance Management, Instructional Design and Development Services and Media Services that include Video, 2D, 2.5D and 3D Animation.

Talk to us about us about your needs. We will provide you solutions that make you smile.

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