About Us

Our strength lies in our understanding of cognitive theory and its application to learning. Our Instructional Designers(IDs) prototype possible learning solutions. Our media division then creates the visual form of what they jointly envision. Our software developers package this compelling content into different formats that enables playback across a variety of devices. Overseeing this team is a Project Management framework which is based on a combination of Crystal Clear and Scrum – two agile methodologies. This team has created some of the finest content for schools across the globe designed by our award winning developers.
We built state of the art infrastructure to back our talented team to produce high quality products that would be the bench mark for the industry, At the heart of our company are our R&D centre and MediaLab which drive our production effort. Our instructional design expertise, media skills and software engineering depth are based on the inputs from our labs and help provide cutting edge products.
We have developed customized processes for developing interactive eLearning content driven by years of experience in experimenting with learning paradigms that work. We don’t believe that the best eLearning solutions are made with linear presentations of content which pays little attention to the psychology of the learner. Our solutions involve the learner with context relevant scenarios that leverages learning outcomes to maximize business results. We believe that we have produced successful learning solutions when our clients achieve discernible business results.


As actionable knowledge becomes the key differentiator, KnowledgeQ will be the quality benchmark in the eLearning industry and provide the most innovative, interactive and challenging learning solutions, thereby empowering learners at every level to achieve their individual and organisational goals.


We are in the business of providing appropriate learning solutions to all learners. Every product of ours should provide measurable value to our customers and help them gain competitive advantage. To do this, we will constantly adopt best practices in design, visualization, media design, software development and agile project management.


  • We will provide the best value for our customers at every price point.
  • We will achieve technical leadership by mastering new learning and technical paradigms, methodologies and processes.
  • We will produce the highest quality learning products and maximize our customer's competitive advantage by leveraging our state of the art MediaLab and R&D Centre.


We aim to be the quality benchmark in our field of work. We therefore value:

  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Technical excellence
  • Team work and synergy
  • Learning from each other
  • The ability to keep smiling under stress

Why Choose KnowledgeQ?

People, R&D, Media

Our greatest strength is our people. They are carefully selected based on rigorous testing procedures. They share our passion for developing solutions that are innovative, made to fit and produce business results. We invest considerably in our people through dedicated training programs that transfer our R&D expertise into production models.

Our development is R&D driven. We have vibrant research teams who explore and continuously experiment with new process methodologies, different models, in more efficient and effective business intelligence systems and in frontier cognitive theory. These are incorporated into our products and services.

We have vast experience in the use of a variety of media in the production of learning modules. These are incorporated in the Information systems and processes we design. Our products and services therefore do not gather dust. They are actually used to drive the business.

Professional Facilities

We have some of the most advanced facilities found in the Learning/ Training/ Process Improvement industry. This covers the gamut of:

  • Research & Development
  • Pre-visualization
  • Design & Development
  • Media Production
  • Storage
  • Information & Data Security
  • Disaster Management
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