Corporate Learning - Media Design Services

Our media department offers professional branding solutions for our corporate customers. Our visual products include realistic portraits and illustrations, customized website designs, rich user interfaces, digital service manuals, visual advertisements, promos, and corporate films. These are packaged as products suitable for different industries.
We have strong graphics, 3D, audio, and video teams. Most of our media team members have 4 year college degrees in fine arts. They also have some of the most intensive training at KQ. This helps them merge their classical training and innate aptitude for Art to meet the requirements of our clients.

The following are our major media design services for our corporate clients.

  • Graphic Design Services
  • 3D Services
  • Corporate Films
  • Television Commercials

Graphic Design Services

We offer a complete range of branding elements for businesses. Logos, website layouts, digital manuals, brochures, print designs, exhibition material, product shots, and presentations are our key offerings.

Our graphic artists are highly creative, have years of experience in this domain and are well versed in design principles, typography and color theories. Our artists have good visualization skills and can create rich art work with a great look and feel.

3D Services

We have some of the finest 3D artists in the industry. We have done a large amount 3D work for clients from the automobile, textile, interior design, furniture, manufacturing, fabrication, construction, and advertisement industries. We use 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage, Modo, Blender, Lightwave, MotionBuilder and Mudbox in conjunction with several other powerful tools and have an in-house multi node render farms with different rendering software like V-Ray, Mental Ray, Thea Render and Luxrender.

The following are some of the services we deliver

  • 3D render stills, 3D floor plan – static or interactive, 3D building walkthroughs or virtual tours for individual, apartment and community buildings.
  • 3D interactive multimedia product demo, 3D based prototypes for pre-visualization of product designs, 3D animation of complex parts and mechanisms in machinery.
  • 3D presentations and other 3D training material

Corporate Films

We help organizations showcase their products and services with our corporate video/ promotional films. The intended purpose of the corporate videos is to showcase core strengths and USPs of businesses. These include product demonstration, description of service offerings, company promotional videos, training videos and other informational videos. Our typical process is explained below

  • Study of requirements (motivations, effect, existing product line, industry drivers etc)
  • Pre-Production (Creation of treatment/ Concept document, final script)
  • Production – Preparation of shooting script, interview preparation and shooting presenter, voce of the people, locations with lighting and sound
  • Post Production – Preparation of 3D Animation, logo design and text FX, compositing, visual effects, background audio integration and voice-over
  • Format Conversion - Compression of final video based on need

We also take care of user interface design, animation of 3D elements and sub elements, attractive use of Visual FX, Compositing, recording of professional voice overs, integration of background music and voice-over and addition of on-screen text, etc.

We use Panasonic/ JVC/ BMD Professional Grade Video equipment for production. Editing is done using a visually lossless 10 bit, 4:2:2 format in Avid/ Sony/ Mac editing systems. The combination of these along with the use of associated technologies is used to bring out the final promotional film.

Television Commercials

We generate fascinating themes/ concepts for your brand and shape it to reach an appropriate target audience. Our films are powerful and facilitate viewers in carrying away the important message in your commercials. This increases brand awareness, and impacts sales. Our Graphics, 3D and Audio/ Video teams have vast experience in making television advertisements which impact minds positively. Our experts can create a variety of advertisements with catchy phrases and suitable jingles. We often use 2D and 3D animation with composited special effects to telling effect in our advertisements.

We have innovative and user friendly processes in place which will delight you. For example, our concept/ treatment proposal followed by a visual storyboard before commencing production gives you an advanced organizer of how the product will shape up.

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