Building Quality into our System

Recruitment & Selection

We have some of the most stringent entry requirements in the software Industry. Freshers who get onto our rolls are exceptional performers through school and college. Lateral entrants have track records which match and exceed the finest performers in the industry. A number of them have worked on award winning products that are benchmarks in the eLearning field. All share the entrepreneurial, perfectionist and value for customer spirit that permeate KQ.


Our people are trained to work in cross functional teams. We devote at least 150 hours annually for training our people on both domain and cross functional learning. This pays back in better and faster understanding of client needs, more informed solutions, less rework and ultimately in products and services that meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

Development Methodology

We follow a project management based approach, an integrated and process oriented variation of Crystal Clear & SCRUM - Agile methodologies. By this, we leverage the speed and communication benefits of Agile with the certainty of a structured process. It provides ways for easy scalability from small to large projects.

Key Advantages:

  • Built for speed and quick turnaround of finished content
  • Quality ensured through both documentation and people to people osmotic communication
  • Peer review is constant throughout ensuring very few mistakes even at the unit testing stage
  • For large projects
    • No loss of information even if team members leave
    • New members added to the team brought up to speed more quickly
    • Complete awareness of latest requirements by team
    • All documentation as required by any heavy weight methodology also available

KnowledgeQ Book of Reference

We use the KQ Book of Reference (KQBR) which is a one point reference for Project Managers and teams on:

  • Functional Team Workflow
  • Productivity matrix (One Time Project effort, Team/ Task wise effort estimate based on WBS)
  • Project Training needs
  • Project related document Templates
    • Kick off ppt, Goals & Objectives, Project End Report
    • Communication plan, Risk plan, Configuration plan, Project Plans, etc
    • Complete awareness of latest requirements by team
    • SRS/ FSD, Creative Spec Doc, STP, Test Cases, etc
  • Handing Over documents lists
  • Bug severity levels with Acceptance/ Suspension criteria

Workflow/ Process Stages

We have clear workflows defined for all the functional teams (ID, Graphics, Audio, Video, Tech, Quality) as well as for any project that we take up.

Information Security

Information Security is an integral part of the work culture in KQ. We have aligned the security process in line with industry standards and best practices. We have chosen and implemented controls and procedures which address physical, logical and environmental factors. The policies are defined to protect assets (information, people and property) and set to handle confidentiality of client information.

Data mirroring and synchronization of the primary storage is carried out to an adjacent storage location. In addition, backup of project folders are scheduled for incremental backup on a daily basis and normal backup on weekly basis on disk storage. A copy of weekly back up is stored on a remote site as shown.

Disaster Management

KQ has chosen the technology infrastructure very diligently to ensure high levels of availability. Evaluations have been made at a granular level to protect data and assets, to make them available during a disaster scenario. With a focused approach towards disaster management, core technology has been provisioned to handle recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives for functionalities deemed critical. Periodical tests are defined and practiced to ensure working of the approach and implement improvement areas.

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