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Basic HTML5 Services

HTML5 provides great opportunities for content publishers to provide high quality content, whilst simultaneously reducing costs. Apart from simple conversion of existing digital material to HTML5, there is the additional opportunity of rebuilding content to promote greater customization for individuals, provide greater interactivity and build rich media elements to achieve required learning outcomes. Other advantages include greater and quicker collaboration among stakeholders, increasing distribution channels and actualizing the Build once, deploy anywhere concept. As parents are kept constantly informed of their children’s progress, they buy in into digital learning as the medium through which learning outcomes can be measured. This promotes the learning ecosystem.

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We carry out conversions based on any standard digital input (InDesign, ePUB2, swf/ fla, .pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt) and convert them to web playable HTML5 content. If you require the content to be natively playable on iOS/ Android/ Win mobile devices, since your content uses features that native players can leverage, we can do that too.

One of the reasons that we are able to provide the best value solution is the use of our own proprietary HTML5 conversion engine (Giffy) which does pretty much everything that full fledged, market leading products do. We do this without locking you into any sort of licensing and revenue sharing fees. We believe use of our own proprietary engine, provides the best value solution, we are open to working with any other proprietary tool which you may prefer to use.

Our Quality processes ensure that our engineers quickly reach productivity and quality levels that make us the leaders in this field. Every project we undertake has a team of process engineers (independent from the development team) analyzing areas of improvement. Through careful monitoring, we bring down quality defects through every release.

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powers your content

The Edge we Provide

We have developed our own media player which you can use on any platform or media. We have iOS, Android and Windows mobile versions of the media player. This means that you can distribute your own customized content and be sure that your media player will support all the really great things that are new in your content without having to worry whether this will be supported by third party apps.

What does enable?

  • Note taking
  • Bookmarking points to provide continuity over time
  • Collaboration amongst select groups
  • Up-to-date calendars that tell users what’s coming up
  • Dashboards that quickly get users up to speed
  • Uploading portfolios generated by learners and teachers
  • Enabling assignments and assessments
  • A messaging service which provides upto the minute updates through a central message centre
  • Interaction between all stakeholders (learners, teachers, administrators, parents)
  • In short anything you can expect from a top class media player.

We provide free of cost as a value add to our long term clients so that we provide value added services that help you reach out to a wider market. You can then focus on your core activity of building great content and leaving us to take care of the details of how the content will work on learner devices.

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Value Added HTML5 Services

We are totally platform agnostic – We will take any input of yours and convert that into HML5 content that plays back on the web or on/ iOS/ Android/ Windows devices. We will write APIs so that they take advantage of your existing platform strengths. We will implement synergies so that you do not end up developing the same material twice. We can also provide value based solutions which reduce your costs by choosing a best fit platform.

However, this is not all. We maximize your learning content investment by providing top of the drawer value added services that enhance your existing content. We have a lot of in-house talent in Instructional Design, Media Graphics and software design and implementation.

Our cross functional training means that our Instructional Designers are able to leverage media development and programming skills apart from their core expertise to identify which of the client’s content can be enriched with better quality media, which can benefit from greater interactivity and how both can be done at minimal costs. They can improve your existing content by building in interactivity, aligning to new standards and providing more focused assessments..

Our media team can leverage your existing tech art material, providing richer 2.5D and 3D media that enhance your existing material. Since your present static art often has all the required visual and color information, our designers can quickly move this into a 2.5D virtual object or a 3D model or even a virtual world, which can then be explored. This gives you an edge that existing static material cannot in a digital learning medium.

Our programmers then build in interactivity based on ID inputs to enable a more immersive and interactive format for your learners. Greater learner immersion in content is often the key to productive learning outcomes.

We have solid project management skills and people who have been trained to think from the client’s point of view. You will find that they will provide you with the kind of quality feedback which will let you focus on the more important and critical parts of your Project Management duties.

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