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Our learning services are predicted on your specific needs. These are normally based on the results of the Front End Analysis carried out through Performance Analysis and Training Needs Assessment. Learning solutions form a part of the organizational cross functional solution and needs to fit correctly within that. The learning services may be a purely online solution, a classroom driven or a blended solution with embedded performance support systems.
In terms of presentation, our services vary from simple, linear presentations when your need is information dissemination to complex real-time simulations, incorporating a wide variety of media and life like support systems. In each case, the solution will factor in what is best value for you and provides high ROI.


At KnowledgeQ, we use two different methodologies depending on the type of learning intervention required. These methodologies are

  • Spiral/ Rapid Prototyping
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Game Based Learning

Game based learning is high engagement learning. Studies have shown that a large number of learners do not complete their courses of study. Most e-Learning is just re-purposed content where existing slides and lecture notes are converted into electronic text and graphics. They don't engage the learner, provide minimal and artificial learning situations which bear no resemblance to real life and don't contribute to business results. Game based learning on the other hand provide a variety of contexts which grabs the learner, continuously challenges him and helps to apply concepts. Since application is constantly called for, learners make sure that they understand concepts well enough.

We build realistic scenarios which draw learners into the game and grab their undivided situation. Our instructional team and media designers and artists work together to produce the kind of effect we want. We have found great synergy when we use closed seating arrangements with good, physical and electronic connectivity. Our team structure and physical organization are based on Agile principles and you only have to visit our development centre to see how this works in practice.

Large game companies have used our media expertise to make class leading games in the commercial space. We however feel that we are best used when our instructional designers and media artists work together to produce the kind of content that has made us a sought after developer in the serious games market. As learning providers first, we want to make a difference to the productivity of our clients.

Video Compositing Based Learning

We develop high fidelity courseware through video compositing, animation, and virtual reality. Using high definition, uncompressed video helps provide the high fidelity representation of the context in which work is to be carried out. Based on the content and objectives, animations and VR are composited to provide for practice in different contexts to aid far transfer.

One of the advantages of video compositing is the ability to situate trainers across different geographies which would be cost prohibitive otherwise. Our 3D techniques bring to life the most prosaic of trainer lectures. This treatment brings the best of both worlds - The technical expertise of the Subject Matter Expert and the rich immersive environments that we build through our video and media expertise. We have found that for technical presentation, it brings a level of sophistication not seen in this genre of work.

Simulation Based Learning

Simulation based learning is a method to transfer learning to where it matters-viz at the workplace. We are capable of providing high fidelity treatments which mimics various real life scenarios that allow people to practice difficult or complex procedures in absolute safety. Far learning produced can be benchmarked against other competitive solutions. We also use low end simulations to emulate software tools to enable near learning.

For our high end simulations, we provide a highly immersive environment through realistic modeling of the workplace environment. Our 3D media expertise is one of the finest in the e-Learning industry and they create a life like environment for learners to immerse themselves in. Once the learners are drawn into the simulation, our instructional designers are able to craft realistic scenarios. These exercise learner application of content across all situations called for by the objectives of the program. One of the highlights of our simulations is the use of highly modeled environments for evaluation. These help in transferring learning to the workplace.

Soft Skills Learning

KnowledgeQ has proven skills in developing soft skills training through simulation, VR and game based scenarios. We are experts at providing specific onboarding training based on our years of experience with bringing abstract concepts to life. We believe that onboarding training benefits from video based compositing. When new hires see their peers in similar situations and coping quite well, they are much more at ease. We also provide custom soft skills e-Learning packages tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Most soft skills training benefits from a blended learning approach and we tailor our e-Learning solutions to perfectly match your class room training sessions.

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