We offer a complete spectrum of learning services to our customers who are primarily K-12 publishers and corporates. Over the years, our R&D team and Media Lab have formulated effective and complete solutions for all the needs of a Publisher. Whether it is content creation and distribution, conversion of legacy content, Portal and LMS maintenance or any other activity that helps our customers monetize their service offerings to their end customers, we have proven solutions to offer.
In custom content development, our solutions fulfill the real promise of eLearning. This is because we know that sound Instructional design architecture is a pre-requisite for courseware that produces results. Our content uses proven cognitive research to carefully balance interactivity and time available, appropriate graphics and cognitive load. We know how to make concepts move in integrated fashion from short to long term memory and subsequent retrieval for working on the job.
Our corporate solutions have benefited organizations across a broad range of industries like banking, retail, aviation, information technology, telecommunications, fabrication, manufacturing, hospitality, energy and Government.
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