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Learning to Learn

The world of work is changing. Lifelong learning is key to doing well in whichever career a child chooses. How a child learns, her ability to plan her schedule, monitor her own progress and accordingly regulate her behaviour will be crucial. These self regulatory skills are helped by the meta cognitive framework that we use in our learning.
We seek to create self confident learners who have built their knowledge on a solid grasp of fundamentals from different subject domains. Learners who have no complexes or phobias picked up at childhood and that later cripples them in adulthood.
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What are our services?

Instructional Design

We can work with your SMEs to structure content in ways that will help children learn better and faster. We can tease out better definitions by pointing out areas where the definition does not hold or the ambiguities it leads to. We can ask for better and more nuanced examples that better bring out similarities and differences in concepts. We ask for applications across a variety of domains so that children can flesh out how principles and processes play out in different natural phenomena. We can design practice exercises that enable children to exercise their problem solving abilities. Since the concepts, principles and processes taught are applied across different subject areas, children "really understand". We use the principles of scaffolding so that learners are led slowly but thoroughly to mastering the content.


We design carefully graded tests that map to different curriculums. We make sure that they build on the practice exercises so that they are confident about their “basics”. Tests use a table of specifications that map both to the revised Blooms taxonomy as well as content areas. Test providers can therefore be sure that their subscribers are getting exactly what they need. We have found that testing on different levels and across different domains enable learners to become very confident. Confident learners make for great knowledge workers tomorrow. They are able to take new developments in their stride and are able to be more discerning to new influences. Each test is equivalent, which means that children can take them at different times and be confident that they are exercising with the same set of skills.

You may want to evaluate your content (or your tests) across different geographies for a global audience. We are more than happy to use our localization skills and our experience across different geographies. We provide a very structured framework in which we plan out the goals of evaluation, the types of evaluation, the tools, the people, when and where, the types of data, the statistical methods we use and what they mean. We will provide you reports which will address how every aspect of your content matches up to the goals you have in mind.

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