Corporate Learning

For companies, we offer
  • Performance Management Consultancy Services (Performance Analysis, Training Needs Assessment, Cross Functional Solutions – Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation)
  • Learning and Development Services (ID Architecture, eLearning Development, Blended Learning Services, Assessment and Evaluation)
  • Information System Services (API Development, Portal Development, Software Application Development, Native Mobile Apps Development)
  • Media Design Services (Virtual Worlds, Simulations, Serious Games, 2D, 2.5D, 3D Animation, Videos, Architectural Visualizations and Walkthroughs, Corporate Films)

We are professionals who have a deep understanding of what it takes to perform successful, learning led business transformations. We believe that organization wide learning is critical for continuous growth and are experts in digital learning and cognitive theory/ practice. Our solutions involve learners with context relevant scenarios that leverage learning outcomes to maximize business results.

We offer unique, blended training programs, with scenario based, asynchronous eLearning offered through scenario based simulations, set in an authentic, work situation. This is complemented by classroom and On the Job Training (OJT) exercises which round off the learning experience.

Our training offerings range from synchronous virtual classrooms (set in our HD video studio) to a variety of asynchronous eLearning opportunities - from linear, knowledge based, learning applets to full scale simulations which include virtual labs, business simulations, soft sims and game based learning.

We have pioneered a unique form of synchronous eLearning where the instructor in a studio setting is able to manipulate 3D objects in a virtual setting. This dynamic presentation mode enables trainers to “bring the world into their classroom”. We have highly skilled 3D animation craftsmen who can create the exact look and feel that is required for a scenario. The authenticity adds to the realism that our instructional designers bring into the scenarios which are the basis for our training simulations.

Our learning solutions like the rest of our offerings are completely flexible. We can carry out the entire training – the eLearning and classroom components followed by OJT monitoring – or just the eLearning component and work with your in house trainers on developing the classroom and OJT content.

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