K-12 Education - Media Design Services

We have been providing eLearning content development services for some of the finest educational publishers in the world. We have strong graphics/ 3D/ Video compositing teams. Most of our graphics team members have 4 year college degrees in fine arts. They also have some of the most intensive training at KQ. This helps them merge their classical training and innate aptitude for Art to meet the requirements of our clients.

Graphic Designing & Illustrations

Our graphic artists are highly creative, have years of experience in this domain and are well versed in design principles, typography and colour theories. They have good visualization skills and can create art work with a rich look and feel.

One of the leading educational publishers required hundreds of high quality, real life like portraits of historical figures in a very short period of time. Our illustrators delivered this in record time. This started a long term relationship with the client and we have been working on various other types of media related work.

We pioneered the use of 2.5D animation in educational digital publishing by composing illustrations in different layers with special effects and background scores. We started doing this as a value addition. The 2.5D animations which simulate the appearance of three-dimensional scenes (without we might mention, the cost of regular 3D environments) have been a huge success. Our materials are used by our client’s marketing team to gain significant market share.

3D Services

Simulations, Games and the creation of Virtual worlds are areas where we have particular strengths. These formats are particularly suitable for complex learning tasks. The investment made in the development of the environment and props pays off in greater transfer of learning to various situations. We have some of the finest 3D artists in the eLearning industry. They can create scenarios and environments that are so life like that learning is very much a real life affair – except that the situations are all carefully graduated in an order that maximises opportunities for greater transfer of learning. We initially started doing this for our corporate clients, but we now find takers in educational publishing. These clients feel that the value we provide at very competitive costs has been a winning situation for them.

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